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I want to sleep by (gamersgoddess)

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I’m really grumpy because I just found out I can’t do a bunch of things I really wanted to do, and I was supposed to study this afternoon but now I just want to sit around in a grump

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Things I want to do: kiss you
Things I’m scared to do: kiss you

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Feminism INCLUDES intersectionality. If you purposefully exclude colored women, disabled women, trans women, muslim women, poor women, and queer women, you are NOT a feminist. If you choose to ignore the intersectionalities that shape a womans life such as her race, gender identity, sexuality, and class, you are NOT a feminist. If your feminist agenda ONLY touches upon western rape culture and sex positivity, you are NOT a feminist.

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Anonymous asked:
Do you have pics of you being fucked?


we live under a fascist capitalist patriarchal regime. all of my pics r of me getting fucked… by the system


"I’m the sixth in our family to go to Hogwarts. You could say I got a lot to live up to. Bill and Charlie have already left – Bill was head boy and Charlie was captain of Quidditch. Now Percy’s a prefect. Fred and George mess around a lot, but they still get really good marks and everyone thinks they’re really funny. Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it’s no big deal, because they did it first."

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Turn ons: common sense

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So I feel like that anon (plus the many people who liked that) would like to know the girl just invited me to a party next weekend :o

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