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The newsreels are dead. We’ve bored the public for too long. Give me this opportunity and I’ll prove it. But may I say one more thing—you haven’t seen my best yet.

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been queued for the 1st day of spring for nearly a year, holla

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if you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my feminist ideologies

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Body comparative #41 (1,2)

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100 favorite fictional characters : Leslie Knope

Do you have a first date outfit I could borrow? Like, I don’t know, a pair of cargo pants? What about a sexy hat? 

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Sigh the sky gets so dreamy around 9 pm sometimes and the light makes the buildings look pink. it lasts for literally 2 minutes and fades away. s i g h.

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Clouds make me wanna cry

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Basically, this is what it would look like if we hired the talented folks at Powell’s to clean up/curate our offices…So well done!

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"Glitoris triptych, panel 2"
Julian Baker
August 2011
From the triptychs series

For some reason Tumblr removed this image, so here it is again.

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